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No, we are not focused on any single brand of motorcycle. In fact, our club’s founding members included at least three members who each owned a different motorcycle dealership.

After successfully infiltrating one of the most infamous outlaw biker gangs, Charles Falco dons the wire and heads back undercover in the new series of Gangland Undercover, Tuesdays at 10pm exclusively on HISTORY.

The terminology is left over from the days before motorized conveyances, where to “drive” horses or cattle was to induce them to move in a desired direction. People “rode” horses by sitting on them.

Not in the Southern United States! There, “guy/guys” is still considered a male usage, reserved for addressing a strictly male audience in an informal setting. Using it towards or in reference to a mixed or all-female group will get the speaker some strange looks in return.

Originally, the term referred to motorcycle clubs not sanctioned by and, therefore, not obeying the laws of the AMA, American Motorcycling Association. After members of some of those clubs made the news due to their criminal exploits, the term got a more broad association with disobeying the law.

Your older sister recalls, “We were lab partners in chemistry. Somewhere between the first assignment and lighting the Bunsen burner, he asked me out. We’ve been together ever since.”
Yes you can! STAR Touring and Riding is a family organization and our family and friends don’t always own the same brand of bike. Although our main focus is the Star Motorcycle Line manufactured by Yamaha, we welcome all motorcyclists.
New membership packets contain the following; STAR membership ID card, Arm patch for type of membership required, ie; STAR, LOS, Kids, Teen, Brass new member pin, (adult members only), welcome letter, current discount card(s), and a card of decals. Renewal packets contain the following; Adult members only, New STAR membership card, small year rocker for the year you renewed, welcome letter, and current discount card(s).
You can order them by going to the STAR Mall or by calling the International Office. Remember, you must be a current member of STAR Touring and Riding. Refer to the placement guidelines at the bottom of this page.
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